5X Categories

i-xcellence is devoted to showcase marks of excellence within 5 categories: Fashion and Jewellery, Home and Gifts, Beauty and Fitness, Travel and Lifestyle, Food and Wine. The force of each category comes from the many brands in it, and i-xcellence promotes the top design, quality, style, and service as a concrete answer to the many options available in the market. Showcasing excellence within our 5X categories is the most direct way to test-bench the market.

Fashion and Jewellery
For the elegance of the individual


  • Fashion for Women, Men and Children.
  • Shoes, Bags and accessories
  • Leather goods
  • Jewels for him and her
Home and Gifts
For the warmth of your home and the uniqueness of a present


  • Modern and classic furniture
  • Decor design
  • In-style ornamental pieces
  • Personal gift
  • Special events gifts
Travel and Lifestyle
For moments of relax, fun, dream and discovery, in town or far away


In town lifestyle:
  • Dining, clubs, restaurants, personal shopping, stylists, hair and spa, makeup artist
Out-of town travel:
  • Exclusive destinations, hotels and resorts, venues and services
  • Travel gifts
  • Charter service
Beauty and Fitness
For the grace of the body and your dynamic being


  • Hair, face, body and skin beauty care
  • Sport clothing and accessories
  • Personal equipment
  • Gym equipment
Food and Wine
For the pleasure of tasting authenticity of flavours


  • Dried foods and spices
  • Wine and champagne
  • Bread and sweets
  • Coffee and liquores