Why Join

Do you produce goods made in your home country?

Want to make your business globally?

Is English a barrier?

Do you know your industry in the UK?

Would you like a prestige image?

Are you interested in a presence in Central London?

Are you afraid of the start-up and maintenance costs may increase more than expected?

Do you need to start relationships and meet with buyers?

Do you need staff and don’t know where to start your search?

Do you need a professional team to represent your brand?

Wht Join

many questions, many answers, many outcomes, a single solution

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To start and build a business abroad is nothing that takes short time or little efforts. A lot of opportunities can be seen and considered as well as threats and questions to be answered.


If you are a small, medium or large company, the exclusive space offered by i-xcellence, as a ready to go solution, allows your company to grow internationally removing from the start boundaries such as market knowledge, culture, language, distance and high investment costs, while you can focus on your work and creations.


i-xcellence is an innovative business to business solution that does not only assist your company, but also actively promotes your brand with experienced consultants into the UK market.

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Once you decide to be part of an international network to promote and grow your business globally, you can apply for i-xcellence membership. When elected as member you can showcase your products. Upon joining i-xcellence showroom, there will be:


  • Fitting out and stocking the space, with your chosen products (for the offline showroom option);
  • Establishing web and e-commerce presence on our central website;
  • Designing your marketing and sales strategy to be implemented;
  • Briefing i-xcellence staff on your products to enhance sales opportunities (for the offline showroom option).


i-xcellence will have a list of international buyers according to the clients’ objectives and general strategy. i-xcellence will ensure that your product will be marketed towards the right buyers in line with your targets. We consider a brief strategic consultancy with your company crucial. This will help i-xcellence position your brand in order to achieve the best results. This very valuable work is at no extra cost and included in the package for the launch and the success of the campaign.

It will briefly involve:


  • Strategic overview of your brand and organization
  • Brief analysis of audiences and markets
  • A Review of competitor/comparative experiences
  • A process to identify key touch points, moments of truth, highs and lows, weak links and the critical stages of your company.

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