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Companies and Entrepreneurs

i-xcellence is ideal for unknown brands to explore the UK market. Saving on market research and on set-up costs, it is the immediate solution to build a consistent brand long term”.
Sofia Vasilara, UK Business Developer, Naturom

Italia Excellence is for all creators of emerging designs, those who have an international vision but not the capacity to open their own branch abroad”.
Teresa Angelino, Business Developer, Evolve

"For a very start up as mine, I see i-xcellence as a solution to start and develop your business, to take care of the stress of kick-start marketing and sales propositions, while you can give attention to the sophistication of your product."
Ciro Russo, co-founder and business developer CRUMAR Bags

“We see London as an international fashion arena. Taking care of 100% Made in Italy handbag manufacture, we believe that Italia Excellence is the right place to let our brand grow globally”.
Luciano De Luca, founder, Brighi Bags

“If we had known Italia Excellence before leaving Italy, we would have understood better the difficulties of launching a business abroad. We would have understood laws, funding, investment requirements, British market trends and concepts. The advantage is also to have a professional Italian environment where you can understand every single word of a deal”.
Carlo and Francesca, Italian entrepreneurs

Buyers and Experts

“In this competitive fashion market, awareness is the key to succeed. The market is fed up with malls. People want to feel things, touch the fabric. They look for design, longevity, romance and individuality. In this perspective there is space for the companies that i-xcellence promotes, offering them the possibility to penetrate the market combining brand awareness and multichannel sales, through a physical touch”.
Claire Arksey, Director of Retail Operations, Reiss

“To have a cool brand you have to pick-up the market and talk to them in their language. Solutions like i-xcellence are excellent for small or unknown brands that intend to build their brand awareness having commercial results”.
Ed Burtsell, Managing Director, Liberty

“As an independent retail we have direct contact with our customers. We see them and listen to them, day by day, offering our best service they deserve. In the virtual world we are living, the customers are very savvy and i-xcellence is a proof of the touch need”
Simon Burstein, CEO, Browns

“The independent retail will never become the high street but has to compete with it. If its brands sell a dream for the customers, then it will succeed. Initiatives like i-xcellence are good to find out niche and fine garments to live”.
Roger Wade, Founder, Boxpark

“As a buyer of wine, having access to a showcase where to taste and smell the perfume of the products is fundamental. I live the experience of a discovery that I want to transmit to my clients. You need to be in touch and sync with the product, get to know the origin and the story behind it, especially if you look for local and special products. Italia Excellence is the brilliant idea that can give you the initial taste of the Italian origins”.
Armando Russo, wine buyer, Lansdowne Club

Italia Excellence project is very interesting for companies that look for niche products, refined and innovative for their Italian flavor or design, all because we want to provide a special service for our clients”.
Riccardo Laverini, buyer Spaghetti House and Pescatori Restaurants

“Increase of brand image, increase of exports, and increase of logistics are related to the capacity to attract consumers’ demand for renewed and evolved products. It is contact with foreign markets that can be the solution to the many gaps in the Italian market demand.”
Dr. Simonelli Santi - President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK