5x packages

5X Packages

Customisable and complete solutions provide the possibility to strengthen your brand image, promote your products abroad, penetrate the market, and monitor it from an international level.

i-xcellence offers 5X packages with many benefits. Choose the one that suits you!

  • Offline Showroom
  • Online Showroom

Bespoke Package

Bespoke is i-xcellence's premium package which is ideal for companies that intend on having a specific personality and image at an international level, with a tailor made space and dedicated staff. Space starting from 10 sqm. More Details.

Full Service Package

Full Service is i-xcellence’s package ideal for companies that intend to grow internationally with a reserved physical presence and shared staff in order to have their own representative office. Space starting from 3sqmMore Details.

Sharing Package

Sharing is i-xcellence’s package perfect for companies that intend to expand with a physical presence shared with related brands, and i-xcellence shared staff providing a representative office.
Space starting from 4sqmMore Details.

Showcase Package

Showcase is i-xcellence’s basic showcase package for companies seeking display space; this simple solution provides you the possibility to strengthen your image internationally.
Space starting from 3 sqmMore Details.

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Online Showroom is the simple proposition of a virtual space for your brand and your products on i-xcellence website, through our catalogue and shopping, and/or directory option. Our shopping offer can include i-xcellence complete marketing services and administrative backing, whereas required.

Online Shopping is i-xcellence’s premium online package which is ideal for companies that intend to have a virtual presence and all the benefits of a commercial presence:

  • Online showcase in catalogue
  • Online shopping tool as part of the catalogue’s features
  • Collective Marketing

Moreover to build a stronger commercial presence you can get also:

  • Shared/Dedicated staff
  • Specific direct marketing campaigns
  • Buyer co-ordination

Online Directory is i-xcellence’s basic online presence package. It consists of your company profile publishing in our directory and of your online reputation building thanks to our Collective Marketing Programme. Extra Marketing and administrative services can be arranged at extra cost.

For further details see out Our Offer