To start and build a business abroad is nothing that takes short time or little efforts.

It takes resources to understand the foreign culture, to analyse a new market, to establish a presence, to launch the business and start seeing sales results.

Basically the main activities involved are:

Market research - Company Incorporation - Property Agent research - Location research – Rent - Premises refurbishment - Fitting out - Personnel research - Buyer research and contact - Corporate PR.

For small and medium sized businesses this takes sometimes years and most of times they quit because of the increasing expenses, no direct control and no proper follow up.

i-xcellence is a ready to go solution that saves you the time to collect and elaborate all the info you require to establish your presence, to promote and to start selling your products.

Basically, as a member, in only three moves you will have your own business established:
Decide the space you require - Reserve it - Fit it out

To grow globally you can benefit from our main strengths:

- we are acting on the spot, testing your products directly on the targeted market, providing you a combination of brand positioning, promotion and selling, all packed in our solution box.

- we provide full service from the presence to promotions and sales, saving your start-up and operating costs, letting you concentrate only on the production and financial business issues.

- our bespoke showrooms are designed according to the requisites of your products, creating an harmonious link between the “exposed and the exposition”.

- our win-win business strategy aims at the complete success of our clients, and their accomplishments determine our achievements.

- our marketing strategy brings together different cultural traditions, analysing macro and micro consumption behaviours to decrease any possibility of error of communication among markets.

- our selling strategy is multilevel and multichannel, focusing on the winning combination of promoting necessity, image, system and credibility of each business category and its products.

Grow globally, join us now!