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A conversation with Dr. Simonelli Santi - President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK - an experienced opinion on Italian SMEs’ resources for international businesses.

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On the Spot

Meet Carlo and Francesca, two young talented Italian entrepreneurs who landed in London to give form to their vision.

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Italy and the “Made in Italy” are synonyms of excellence and superb quality:

  • Intrinsic quality: functionality, materials, design, character, durability
  • Extrinsic quality: sophistication, detail, exclusivity, experience, significance

Italy has an immense cultural and historical heritage. Italian personality has value in itself and gives value to everything it creates, contributing universally to history, art and culture. Italy is devoted to the creation and export of products of excellence, with brands that are symbols of elegance and class and are icons of desire.
Italy is fashion, art, tourism, gastronomy and culture. The Italian tradition is design, elegance, history, architecture, the Alps and the Mediterranean, food, wine, coffee, cinema and music and the warm personality of a vibrant nation.

Every nation has its own distinctive marks which set unique and irreplaceable features: the “Made in Italy” is the expression of excellent creativity, skill and manufacturing. The “Made in Italy” is elegance and style, a magnificent combination of excellence, synthesis of aesthetic beauty and quality of design.

Italia Excellence is the space dedicated to the “Made in Italy”. Italia Excellence is the innovative, unique and ready to go solution to showcase Italian prestige and tradition. Providing you with a bespoke showroom in the heart of London - synonymous of style, success and prestige – Italia Excellence is the offer of a space that is tailored to the needs of your company and managed for you to enjoy reduced running costs and increased international reach. Italia Excellence is the solution for flexible and safe investment, the investment that creates opportunities and results. This is the key for the “Made in Italy” to dialogue with international buyers, to build a solid image and to extend the commercial network.

Italia Excellence offers exclusive space to permanently showcase the “Made in Italy”. Presence gives form to long lasting image and a real commercial network. Italia Excellence is also the offer of the management of the brand to remove boundaries such as market knowledge, culture, language, distance and high investment costs in rentals. In this way, you can focus on your creation of excellence. Italia Excellence is a showroom solution, marketing management, translation service, and legal and fiscal support, if needed.
This is an inventive business to business solution that does not only assist your company, but also actively promotes your brand with experienced consultants into the UK market.

Italia Excellence is devoted to the expansion of the Italian small and medium business world which is the core representation of Italian tradition of distinction. Small and medium brands have administrative and financial obstacles to expand abroad, often taking risks that do not pay off. Italia Excellence provides the services that are now necessary to international expansion. The permanent showcase of Italian products, the management of the marketing strategy and assistance in sales are the concrete answers to the projection of the Italian commercial character.

Excellence is the expression of exquisite expertise that leads to an exclusive experience.

Italia Excellence showcases marks of excellence in 5 categories: Fashion & Jewellery, Home & Gifts, Beauty & Fitness, Travel & Lifestyle, Food & Wine. The force of each category comes from the many brands in it, the top design, quality, style of the “Made in Italy”. Showcasing excellence within our 5 categories is the most direct way to test-bench the market. Read more here.

Our service for the “Made in Italy” is a 5X solution based on:

  • Space, offline and/or online
  • Dedicated staff
  • Collective marketing
  • Marketing campaigns aimed at buyers
  • Back office
Italia Excellence offers customisable 5X packages for you to shape the international personality of your own creations. Choose the one that suits you here.

Italia excellence can represent your “Made in Italy” with:

Offline showroom
Physical and permanent presence in London – your company exhibits products showing the commitment and the will to grow internationally.
Online showroom
Online shopping and/or online directory - it is the opportunity to display online your latest catalogue, sell online your products and/or being listed on our members’ directory.

Italia Excellence is guarantee of:
Prestigious address – Central London, synonymous of style, success and prestige.
Marketing experience - Account Manager with a strong knowledge of international markets and sales , professional staff fluent in English.
Collective Marketing and focus on buyers – promotion, invitations, meetings, events, admin of sales and orders.

Read more here.

Mayfair has been for centuries, and still is, synonymous for its style, success and prestige, a neighbourhood famous for its fashion, design, art and international cuisine.
Mayfair is bordered by Hyde Park to the west, Oxford Street to the north, Piccadilly to the south and Regent Street to the east.

Berkeley Square House in Berkeley Square, is an impressive and professional business centre in the heart of London. The position gives easiness of reach and mobility to business. Berkeley Square, in Mayfair, is symbol of class and elegance, one the most sought-after locations in London.
42 Brook Street is one of the principal and most exclusive streets in the Grosvenor Estate, in Mayfair, a point of reference for art and design. Upper Brook Street is the heart of theater in London, and Jimi Hendrix is the most famous resident of Brook Street.
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When you join italia excellence there will be:

  • Fitting out and stocking the space, with your chosen products;
  • Establishing web and e-commerce presence on our central website, linking back to your home page;
  • Designing your marketing and sales strategy to be implemented;
  • Briefing italia excellence staff on your products to enhance sales opportunity.

italia excellence will have a list of international buyers according to the clients’ objectives and general strategy. italia excellence will ensure that your product will be marketed towards the right buyers in line with your targets. We consider a brief strategic consultancy with your company crucial. This will help i-xcellence position your brand in order to achieve the best results. This very valuable work is at no extra cost and included in the package for the launch and the success of the campaign.

It will involve:
  • Strategic overview of your brand and organization
  • Brief analysis of audiences and markets
  • A Review of competitor/comparative experiences
  • A process to identify key touch points, moments of truth, highs and lows, weak links and the critical stages of your company.

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