2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympics: don’t miss this chance

The opportunity to witness the spectacular Olympic Games of 2012 in London is of primary importance to get access to all business sectors that contribute to the preparation and execution of the events. i-xcellence is looking forward to seize this opportunity for its members.

Estimates show 205 nations taking part in 300 Olympic events, with London offering world-class infrastructure, facilities and services for visitors and residents.
A report by Oxford Economics forecasts 450,000 visitors who will stay in the capital together with 5.5 million or more day to day visitors.

The opportunity to showcase international products cannot find a better moment of time as the Olympic Games are one of the settings of international exhibition of culture “par excellence”. London 2012 Festival is also an integral part of the planning, a 12-week programme of concerts, exhibitions, films and live events of the four-year Cultural Olympiad. London, especially during such occasion, turns itself in the world of glamour and spectacle: everything fabulous.

The city of London is being renewed with the London Development Agency together with the five 'host' London boroughs (Greenwich, Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest) having set out plans for area regeneration for a 30-year period.
The Olympics Games are considered as catalyst for future growth by the UK government, a moment of new beginning even during the current slowdown. Tourism is source of constant investment to plan marketing campaigns to narrate what happens after the Games until 2015 for now: just the “Visit Britain” campaign has a budget of £127 million as of 2011. The total economic impact of the Games is sum of direct, indirect, and induced values during the preparation, execution and spending-generated phases of the events and it is a figure that expects 75.000 SMEs to be involved in the supply-chain of goods. All sectors will be involved, from accommodation to leisure, from retail to utilities, from electronics and IT services to recruitment.
Together with the international corporations, SMEs are at the core of the structure of the Olympics and are assisted by supporting channels of information on procurement, tender processes and quality systems.
Showcasing brands and products in London during such a prolific time is the best chance to access networks and contacts of other business ready to set and close important deals. i-xcellence is convinced having a presence in London is already a winning strategy and can be even more beneficial and productive in during the Olympics of 2012.